The Martian Directed By Ridley Scott

For those of you, like me who have recently had some off time due to the holidays. You may find yourself watching movies that you normally wouldn’t. For me, that was The Martian with Matt Damon. If you’re not sure which one I’m talking about, this is the one. Make sure to watch it so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about. It won’t be a waste of time.

The first thing is that this movie is completely set on a martian theme. You know, the typical mission to mars setting that Hollyweird has done before and quite well I might add. Personally I do like a few of the previous offerings on the Mars theme than this movie. I really liked Red Planet and Mission To Mars. Both films anchored by great talent, great space scenes and plot twists.

This film starts out in the same way as all of them, a simple mission to mars from earth, but of course it doesn’t stay simple long. Where this one differs pretty quickly is that there are no aliens or meat eating beetles. It’s a simple mars mission gone wrong that ends up in a fantastic display of human courage and perseverance.

Matt Damon does a pretty good job holding down the movie solo a la Tom Hanks in Cast Away. The character goes through trial after trial and Matt does a great job of visually representing how tough it could be.

That’s where my glowing reviews end however. This movie is ONLY about an astronaut that gets stranded on Mars and his survival and the daring rescue to get him back. There are no fights, aliens, big explosions, but there is still suspense so you still have that. I DID make it through the whole thing without falling asleep so that says something about the film. The space scenes and martian scenes are unparalleled and Ridley Scott did a fantastic job directing this film. The imagery alone is worth a view, especially if you are a filmmaker like me.

Also, you gotta luv a flick that can get away with poop jokes…

Did you see it? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.



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