Do You Understand Web Speak?

Don’t be discouraged! There are still thousands of businesses out there with no web presence, so if you at least have a website, you are above the curve. Now do you post content monthly? You’re way above the curve…Weekly? Well done! Daily updates and corrections and new content? Well that’s just stellar and on par with multi national corporations.

Blah blah blah

Understanding the language of the web can be difficult for the average small business owner…Domains, hosting, SSLs, Email, POP3, IMAP, Webmail, Ecommerce, Plugins, Widgets, etc. etc. Those corporations all have a staff that takes care of all of this. Small business owners often don’t have that luxury.

Build Your Business

The truth is, the best thing a small business owner can do is concentrate on building the business. Managing operations, finding new clients and taking care of existing ones. It’s really not your responsibility to worry about the minutia of website terms and making them all work and communicate with each other properly.

Fear Of Getting Burned

That’s where decisions become critical for you. The decision to contract out your website management or keep it in house…I’ve seen it a bunch…small business contracts out the website management to a freelancer or another small website business, then the management company screws things up or generally doesn’t do what they’ve promised all the while charging exorbitant prices. The business owner is left burned. Unsure if contracting their web management was the best decision. OR the small business hires a website manager in house who has “some web experience.” they mismanage the site or they are college kids who are never in the office and always calling off and basically behaving unprofessionally.

I Get It!

But, the issue still remains. If the website itself is not growing and being updated regularly to compete in the market, it is basically doing you no more good than a listing in the outdated yellow pages.

The Pitch

That’s where I come in. I’ve managed multiple thriving businesses and their web presence as well as new businesses who need to get started. One of my most successful clients was able to generate up to $100,000 per quarter in revenue just from the website that I built for them. Thus, enabling them to sell their business and make a huge profit and retire early. Not all businesses are designed and set up for that though. Every business is different. However, having a professional in your corner to help you navigate the web language and deal with all failures and successes that your website generates is a major benefit to a small business.

Yeah, but what does all that cost?

What is a high functioning website worth to your business? Is it worth $100,000 per quarter in revenue? Is it less? Does it just need to pay for itself? Or, does it just need to be a footprint online allowing you to cast your business net over your market? All of those answers are correct and depend on your business. The absolute worst you can do is have a functioning website that provides information to your existing and potential customers. Are you prepared?

Custom Website Fees

My contracts for website management are based on your business and on what your individual business needs. Do you want to grow or are you just providing information? There are no one size fits all answers for your specific business needs. Have you worked with a freelancer before and been burned? No problem, I understand your issues and specialize in helping you understand the issues of web management and guiding you through the process. I’ve worked with multiple brands in over 21 years of advertising and marketing and can help you too.

Give me a Chance

Just schedule a meeting to discuss your site and what can be done to turn your site from an informational site into one that actually garners you new business and income. All of this can be tracked and I can provide you with the data you need to drive your website even further. Contact me now and lets get started building the future of your website.

Marketing and Advertising Services

Don’t need help with your website? I can help you market your business through video, graphic design, motion design, photography, scripting, media buying, voiceover and more. A managed approach to your marketing can make a huge difference in how you spend your marketing dollars and the return on investment you expect.

Don’t Worry About Your Web Knowledge

Allow me to take that burden from you and partner with you to build a website that you can not only be proud of, but build your business!