So I was recently posed with the question, “Why do you have so many websites, domain names and hosting?” You can’t possibly keep them all updated. Doesn’t that cost you alot of money? Yup, I thought. Absolutely right. I’m having trouble doing just that with a 40 Hour work week on top. So, in order to simplify things and spend less time on social media, I’ve dumped most if not all of my web sites and hosting plans save this one, Nashville Rocks and Jason Coleman Photography.

Now I can concentrate on posting in one or two locations and anything that falls into a more general category or something personal or something professional I am working on, I can post it all right here on this site.

That being said, you should start to see more posts on this site specifically for that reason. I’m staying off social more these days and will be putting my efforts here.

What to look forward to? Well, you’ll be seeing links to my film work, advertising work, my photography, my fishing, even products that I sell and possibly some rants since I seem to be becoming more of a grumpy old man these days.

What you didn’t know I sell on Ebay? Well now you do. Soon it won’t just be Ebay, but for now that’s all that it is until I get my inventory up to par. So go check out and see the very beginnings of what I’m doing. I’ve sold a ton of fire starters and vehicle emblems. I’m out of those right now, but will have some soon. I’m seeing a reel need for Crappie Bobber stops and sell the fire out of those.

Gone are my professional advertising website Extreme Measures Creative, Coleman Ventures, The Alert Zone, Sasquatch Fitness and several others that I hadn’t even gotten started on yet. SO that means you’ll see fitness videos here, small business videos, tactical and survival videos and more.

This site will be a catch all for all the things I’m involved in. So buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride.