Jason R. Coleman

Welcome to my blog. I’m a creative marketing project manager, filmmaker, photographer, audio engineer, motion graphics designer, podcaster and outdoorsman. Basically a digital lifestyle jack of all trades. You can hire me for your next marketing project or just check out what I’m up to. Feel free to connect with me on social and contact me directly for any marketing projects.

This is the personal website of Jason R. Coleman. Yes, I have to put the middle initial in there because apparently there are a lot of Jason Colemans out there.

This site is going to be my personal outlet for what I’m up to. From FilmMaking to Amazon reviews to examples of my work and interactions with my friends and clients, you’ll see everything here.

Including all my different interests and websites…yes there are a few. Some I’ve abandoned for too long, but can’t let go of and some I’m on every day. Below are links to my sites:

www.ExtremeMeasuresHosting.com – This is my website hosting site. All of my web clients are hosted here. If you’d like some great hosting for simple sites, this is the way to go. Once your site grows exponentially, we need to talk about what you need to do to expand and optimize. Buy email accounts, hosting, domains, SSLs and much more on this site.

www.NashvilleRocks.com – Yes, you see correct. That site is mine! If you are into independent music or just music in general, this site is for you. I have articles, newsletters, podcasts and a Facebook page to back this brand up. Yes I said brand…fully trademarked and protected ®! If you are a band or a musician of any type that needs promotion, then please email info@nashvillerocks.com and send me some of your music and what you want to promote! Make sure to check out the podcast on iTunes and please leave a review!

www.jasoncolemanphotography.com – This is indefinitely in development mode. I was on Zenfolio, but it was too expensive for the money I was making from photography while building my portfolio, BUT now I have a nice portfolio and am building a site specifically for that. Check back often and make sure to get on my mailing list if you want to shoot something or want to see my images.

There’s actually alot to learn about me and I really don’t feel like sharing too much, so you’re just going to have to dig through my site and see what I’m up to. If you have any questions about tech, video, audio, graphics,  filmmaking, entrepreneurial spirit, Amazon, music, yada yada yada…just send me a quick email.

Yes, I’m still on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and I will be back on Parler when it comes back. I purposefully deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts because I believe in free speech and can’t stand the commie fascists that are running those companies.