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How To Delete Your Old Blogger Account

So ya wanna delete your old Blogger account Well, I was cleaning up some of my digital footprint tonight and discovered I still had some old Blogger content floating around on the internet. I didn’t want some of this content out there so I set myself to completely deleting my old Blogger account. Turns out […]

Business Fishing

615 Fishing Ebay Store

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Personal Life Work Life

Streamlining my work and life online

So I was recently posed with the question, “Why do you have so many websites, domain names and hosting?” You can’t possibly keep them all updated. Doesn’t that cost you alot of money? Yup, I thought. Absolutely right. I’m having trouble doing just that with a 40 Hour work week on top. So, in order […]

Boycott Politics

Outback Steakhouse Boots Officer From Restaurant

Outback Steakhouse Boots Officer It’s one thing to ask a concealed carry permit holder to leave a restaurant if that person is armed, or ask them to put their pistol in their vehicle, but recently Outback Steakhouse booted an officer of the law from their restaurant because he was armed. That said, uniformed officers are […]


June Fishing Trips – Bassin the Lake and the Stones

Testing my sports action camera VIDEO I took several fishing trips in June and decided that on these trips I would work on understanding and using my sports action camera. Now, it’s far from a Go Pro, but it still records video and it’s fairly water resistant. I have a chest strap that I can […]

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I Started Using Merch By Amazon

***Update 2020: So, since I created this shirt and Alex and I thought it would be cool. The phrase has been misused in the media and politics to mean something completely different. Needless to say, I no longer sell this shirt on Merch By Amazon. Me Too T-Shirt Merch By Amazon Approval Yup, that’s right, […]