Testing my sports action camera


I took several fishing trips in June and decided that on these trips I would work on understanding and using my sports action camera. Now, it’s far from a Go Pro, but it still records video and it’s fairly water resistant. I have a chest strap that I can use while I paddle and fish so I don’t have to mount it to my boat or hold it.

It’s got a couple features I’m not a fan of, but for the most part if you are just looking to record some video and you’re not too concerned about quality, it does just fine.

June Fishing Trips

June 3rd I went out by myself from the Hamilton Creek Marina and fished all the small little bays around as well as the main lake points.

June 10th I went out from Seven Points with my buddy John who wanted to test out his newly acquired one man canoe. Canoes aren’t as fast as kayaks but he was still able to do everything I was as far as fishing and such.

June 17th I got out on the West Fork Of the Stones River with my buddy Matt and we got into them good. We caught alot of fish that day before noon and I still caught even more on the way back to the car. We mostly caught male largemouth bass, but one of mine this day went for 2.6 lbs. That’s a good sixes fish for the Stones or for Percy Priest for that matter.

Film Production

Most of July I didn’t go because I’ve been working on a short film and we’ve been using our extra time on shooting that, but hopefully August I’ll be able to get out on the water.


Check out the video here and feel free to comment on fishing technique and your favorite spot in Middle Tennessee. Make sure to watch through to at least 2:30 on the video because the last trip was the best. Until next time, Fish On!