Twister with family and friends


Fun with Twister


So the kids and I love Twister! Yup, Twister. Yeah that family friendly game from childhood that always ends in someone falling on their a$$! Hilarious, challenging and tons of fun, plus you get a workout.

Well, when we went to play tonight we realized that the spin board was in bad shape and wasn’t spinning like it should, but guess what? I found an online version that’s pretty stinkin cool from I’m embedding it below so you can use it too!

No go have fun and play some Twister!

I Saw The Martian – My review

The Martian

The Martian Directed By Ridley Scott

For those of you, like me who have recently had some off time due to the holidays. You may find yourself watching movies that you normally wouldn’t. For me, that was The Martian with Matt Damon. If you’re not sure which one I’m talking about, this is the one. Make sure to watch it so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about. It won’t be a waste Continue reading “I Saw The Martian – My review”

Rugeme Hands Free Dog Leash and Belt with Pouch Review

Rugeme Running Hands Free Dog Leash

Great Running Hands Free Dog Leash

I recently had the opportunity to review this great running leash. I sincerely wish I’d had this thing back when Jackson was in his running prime. Now, he can’t do more than a “mile, mile and a half.” Some people will get that reference, but I digress. Here’s the review I left on Amazon and the video that accompanied it. Plus, if you can dig it, you can buy the item on Amazon using this link!

This is a great runners and trainers leash. I was really surprised to find out it was as rugged and durable as it is. I used to run with my dog a bunch and would have loved to have had this thing. Running with a leash in your hand seems so antiquated now. You can set the leash to the length you wish and the dog is directly attached to you. You can also adjust the waist belt to fit your size. I was able to configure mine easily and took it for a jog with my dog. Great experience! The only drawbacks might be if you have a difficult dog who may pull on it more than you’d wish, but keeping your momentum should drag them out of whatever is garnering their attention. Please make sure you are sized correctly for the dog you want to run with before using this leash. If you are small with a large dog, they could pull you down. Remember you have a direct link to the dog. I love it and will certainly use this with my dog for easy runs in the future. *I received this item at a discount for my honest review.