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What to do with leftover Buttercream

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What to do with leftover Buttercream

Chocolate Sin

Chocolate covered buttercream frosting

So if you’ve seen my previous post about my experience tackling my first real cake baking experience, then you’ll surely understand that I had SO much leftover buttercream frosting that I would have felt guilty to throw it all away. So what’s a guy to do with awesome frosting? Head to the internet of course and what did I find? Well I found one site that didn’t really fit the bill, then after looking for a while I found the perfect solution. This recipe and blog were very promising and I decided to tackle it.

Being that this was my first time doing this, I tried to follow the recipe just right, but still managed to screw it up a little. My little truffles don’t look near as good as the authors. That being said, it was kinda fun to tackle this recipe and just plain ole fun to dip frosting in chocolate…YUM:) Anyway, the only thing that you really need to make sure of is the freezing step prior to dipping the frosting balls in the chocolate. Also, I would pull the melted chocolate off of the range prior to your dipping session. I noticed that if you didn’t, it remained still too hot to get a  good dip without the chocolate all running off the frosting. The other thing is, if you make the balls with your hands, you’ll have some real fun washing it off your hands. Make sure you’ve got some good Dawn liquid soap and warm water to get it off your hands. Other than those two things, if you stick to the recipe, you’ll have fun pulling this one off.


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